Data is ubiquitous. Yet, deriving value out of data still remains a challenge to several organizations. In addition to right expertise and tools, successful big data analytics implementations require watchful eyes and a deep understanding of the business purpose and context.

Our big data analytics practice brings you the right maturity and expertise required to transform the fabric of decision making in your organization. Our experts have helped several firms channelize data for innovation, better operations, and enhanced customer reach and engagement.


Resolve Tech offers a comprehensive and flexible set of service offerings for all your big data needs. Our approach to Big Data implementation is practical and is tuned to provide you with tangible results at every stage.

Our practice provides you with:

  • Detailed implementation roadmap that take into account organizational readiness and current levels of data maturity.
  • Holistic team of experts with relevant technical and industry expertise, including data scientists, design experts, architects, and software engineers.
  • Agile delivery methodology, flexible deployment models, and time-tested governance practices.
  • An arsenal of IPs and big data accelerators designed to provide you with timely and effective big data implementations.